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1. No nepotism allowed on Tejas Consultants projects. Usually associated with family ties, however, nepotism goes by many names; i.e., cronyism, nationalism, racism, religion, sexism, age, and language to name a few. None will be tolerated.

2. Empowerment. Tejas Consultants department heads are empowered and encouraged to make decisions. Our managers and departments heads are managers of people and events.

3. Honesty. Dishonesty will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Be absolutely truthful with management and the client representatives. If an employee feels there is something to hide, then something is wrong.

4. Respect for all cultures. Many operational meetings also cover aspects of the culture where Tejas Consultants is operating. respect the local populace for what they can do. It's their country. We are guests.

5. No safety shortcuts Besides knowing the rules, the HSE director emphasizes the whys of the rules. The rules will be enforced.

6. Each client is special. It's much harder to win a client back than it is to find and keep him. Look for the extra service to give.

7. Treat all vendors and sub-contractors with respect. The smaller companies need their money faster than the larger companies. Make them want to work for Tejas Consultants.

8. Make every effort to truly understand what the client wants. Even a large company is made up of individuals. Each individual wants to look good. Try to find win-win solutions to problems.

9. No screaming allowed. Screaming to make a point shows a loss of control. Don't take it and don't inflict it.

10. Finally - All Tejas Consultants personnel are doodlebuggers and team players. Everyone is hired with the understanding that they will do what is required to bring a project to a satisfactory conclusion. In short a client or temporary helpers should not be surprised to see the General Manager or supervisors hustling stores, operating a vehicle or holding a survey rod. Being too good is not an option.

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