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Tejas Consultants can furnish personnel for Project Management, Health Safety and Employment, Offshore scientific surveys, Offshore survey design 2D, 3D, 4D & 4C, Navigation Survey design, Rig and Platform Positioning, Seismic Data Processing in house and offshore, Seismic Data Acquisition QC, Navigation and positioning QC, Onboard Data processing QC and we have the ability to find personnel to fill those really difficult to define positions for your projects.

Tejas Consultants have been party chiefs, party managers and department chiefs many of these managers have come up through the ranks of the seismic industry and this is evident in their knowledge of the seismic industry operations and has honed their leadership skills involving diverse cultures, personnel and situations.

These years of experience enables the Tejas consultants to be able to assist the oil company’s projects and contractors when problems arise. Their years of managerial experience in the seismic industry enable them to be able to offer suggestions and assist in problematic situations without alienating the contractors by complaining and not offering any assistance in the solution.

Tejas Consultants personnel take pride in the seismic industry and many of our consultants have been through numerous oil industry downturns and have maintained their interest and education in seismic industry operations.

Tejas consultant personnel are not clipboard carrying complainers they don't just complain and walk away, they work with people to find solutions to problems.

These professional individuals all have in excess of 25 to 45 years of experience in their primary fields and a vast knowledge of related operations. This is an advantage to our clients as it offers a great deal of area knowledge (All have overseas experience), creativity (All have designed operations, prototypes, and systems), experience ( Its called common sense outcomes), and operational integrity.

Our consultant personnel are used to arduous travel and conditions. They are versed in public relations with foreign introductions, mechanical engineering design, prototype construction, Safety instruction, and regularly deal with contractors and foreign officials..

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